Strain-Specific Mini Pre Rolls

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Ready-to-go and ready-to-smoke pre rolls in a tin small enough to slip into your pocket

Rad Flavors

10/10 canna-connoisseurs recommend the intense and mellow highs of strain-specific pre rolls

Size Matters

Shorties .35g minis make sharing in a smoke sesh as easy as keeping to yourself

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.35g pre rolls are sure to satisfy every type of smoker, as they are the perfect size to finish without having to relight later on.

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      24.04% THC


      Overload your senses with the sweet smell of cream while mellowing out without being put to bed.

      The Gozer OG

      22.79% THC


      Add some spice to your life with a fiery, diesel inhale that sends tingles from your head to toes.

      Roll Ups

      23.18% THC


      Coming Soon!

      Cherry Sorbetto

      20.0% THC


      This heavy-hitter will settle behind the eyes and cover the body to melt away the stress of the day.

      Ice Cream Sundae

      20.0% THC


      Creamy and funky flavor notes compliment a heavy body high that is sure to leave you stoned.

      Strawberry Float

      20.0% THC


      Perfect for a rainy day, Strawberry Float boasts both sweet and earthy flavors that produce the ideal body high. 

      Rainbow Reserve

      22.07% THC


      Find the pot of gold at the end of Rainbow Reserve. Relaxation is around the corner, along with sweet, pine flavors. 

      Cream D'Mint

      21.05% THC


      Feel the euphoric buzz of a classic, earthy, hybrid that will push you with ease through the day.

      Dole Whip

      20.90% THC


      Hello bold flavors and aroma. Dole Whip is your BFF for a night out on the town, or a cozy and creative night in. 

      Peach Crescendo

      20.0% THC


      Melt into your couch and find your zen with this indica-leaning, vibrant hybrid. 

      Purple Punch

      20% THC


      The potency of this strain gives the user a knockout to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling into the limbs. 

      Wedding Cake

      22.22% THC


      Ease the body and mellow the mind with this indica-leaning hybrid that yields a rich and tangy flavor profile. 

      Caramel Apple Crisp

      20% THC


      Enjoy a warm, body high and discover the best night of rest you’ve ever had. 


      18.52% THC


      Balance out with the cerebral effects of Nerdz. This strain features a grape-forward flavor profile with undertones of sweet and fruity strawberry. Yum!

      Ice Cream Cake

      20% THC


      Splurge with this creamy flavor profile with strong notes of vanilla and sugar. The sedating effects are even better than the taste. 


      19.48% THC


      Drift into complete relaxation while savoring the strong, berry flavor of this strain.


      28.6% THC


      Calling all experienced users. This strain is not for the faint of heart. Handle with care!

      Concord Cream

      21.48% THC


      Headphones on, stress off. Concord Cream eases the mind at the end of a long day.


      20% THC


      This potent indica is best saved for the ~pros~ but offers a deep sensation of giggles and relaxation.


      20% THC


      This indica-dominant hybrid is great for the shorties wanting pain relief and a good night’s rest. 

      Cream of Kush Mintz

      20% THC


      Hello, uplifting body high with a strong, mental ease.

      Pluto Pop

      28.00% THC


      Looking for the giggles and an uplifting mood boost at the end of a long day? Then Pluto Pop is the strain for you!

      Love Daily Grape

      22.68% THC


      This strong burst of fruity flavor makes Love Daily Grape a favorite among enthusiasts.

      Supreme Grapes

      21.34% THC


      This euphoric strain will ease aches and pains, without locking you to the couch. 

      Maui Wowie

      21.40% THC


      This classic sativa transports you to the serene shores of Hawaii thanks to its tropical flavors and aromas.

      Cereal Milk

      21.86% THC


      Cereal Milk has a loud flavor with sweet notes of milk and ice cream that will keep you coming back for more.


      22.14% THC


      Fall in love with this dreamy strain, bursting with orange and cream flavor.


      22.68% THC


      This strain produces a super mellow high rooted in physical relaxation. Perfect for those shorties with a lower tolerance.

      Jealous Haze

      24.76% THC


      Experience a powerful, energizing high thanks to Jealous Haze! The perfect boost for creatives.

      Azul Beach

      20.32% THC


      With a sweet and fruity aroma, Azul Beach delivers a relaxing and uplifting high, making it a great choice for unwinding after a long day.

      Road to Hana

      17.94% THC


      Perfect for those seeking a mellow high that reduces stress and anxiety.

      Jungle Pie

      18.35% THC


      Earthy and sweet notes meet to create the perfect tropical high. 

      Purple Push Pop

      24.05% THC


      This must-try bud is known for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor that will leave any hybrid lover begging for more.

      Purple Jack

      18.10% THC


      If you enjoy the sativa-dominant Jack Herer, but are looking for more lowkey effects, Purple Jack is for you.

      Grape Cream Cake

      18.54% THC


      If we could eat this strain we would, but smoking it is even better. 

      White Apricot Sherb

      24.16% THC


      Experience the “warm fuzzies” while keeping your mind active and alert.

      Apple Fritter

      24.97% THC


      Roll into relaxation. Known for it’s incredibly strong effects, Apple Fritter is best saved for pro skaters.

      TK LATTO

      21.60% THC


      Kickstart your morning with TK LATTO to make sure you stay rollin’ all day long. 

      Hazy Sombrero

      23.40% THC


      Skate off into the sunset with Hazy Sombrero – this sativa-dominant hybrid aims to please.

      Grape Cakes

      22.05% THC


      This deliciously sweet flavor profile instantly takes you behind the scenes to your favorite bake shop. 

      Super Lemon Haze

      22.79% THC


      Citrus and sweetness meet in Super Lemon Haze for an extremely uplifting and energetic experience.

      Busta Lyme

      22.15% THC


      This zesty hybrid is the ideal partner for a full day of skating and vibing.

      Super Silver Haze

      18.36% THC


      Daytime smokers rejoice! complex spicy notes push you through the day with energy and ease.

      Apples & Bananimals

      20.10% THC


      Sweet fruit and mint combine to create a flavorful and potent high that continues through the night. We all love a well-balanced hybrid. 

      XXX OG

      18.30% THC


      This award-winning indica knocks out even the strongest fighters. In small doses, experience sedating effects with bursts of mental clarity. 

      Piff Dream

      20% THC


      Don’t let the name fool you, Piff Dream is best saved for during the day as this strain pushes you creatively with a euphoric head high.

      Georgia Pie

      19.44% THC


      Best saved for the pros, Georgia Pie’s intense effects immerse you in an intense high with a sweet taste of peach cobbler, straight from grandma’s kitchen. 

      Mother's Milk

      23.83% THC


      This potent sativa-leaning hybrid is the best way to practice self-care with a high that is both mellow and uplifting.

      Purple Poison

      20.83% THC


      This powerful bad boy is surprisingly sweet, offering the best of both worlds – relaxation with a heavy buzz.


      20.63% THC


      This minty and herbal strain is a fresh take on a sativa-dominant hybrid, leaving users with an energized mood boost to take on the day. 


      16.89% THC


      Classic peanut butter flavors, with a hint of spice, offer an immediate mind and body high that OG stoners have come to expect with an evenly-balanced hybrid.

      Sour Diesel x Animal Cookies

      22.01% THC


      This sativa-leaning hybrid brings along a creative uplift for the mind. We can’t forget to mention the sweet aromas from this beautiful strain.

      Kush Mintz

      25.32% THC


      Enjoy this potent and flavorful strain that has a minty, cookie-like aroma and euphoria head and body high.

      Jungle Cake

      20.22% THC


      Jungle Cake is the best mix of both it’s parents, White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake, with a sweet and spicy flavor, and balanced effects.